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POBox Communication   : (Online SB Balance Verification)

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NREGS Jobcard Upload Tool (396 KBUpdated on (29/11/2012)

(Allows Single JobCard For Multiple Accounts)  
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1. Day End Info Tool :

 This Tool Includes Following Options :
                                                    1) Day End Info
                                                    2) NREG JobCard Expire Date Reset

2. SBCO Minus Balance Report :

This Tool Includes minus Balance and Objection Report at SBCO with Print and Export Facility.

3. Convert SB To BPL Account  (07/06/2012) :

This Tool Helps in Converting existing SB Account To BPL account by Saving Existing Introducer Details 

in another database,which can be fetched anytime later.

4. BPL Consolidation List :

This Tool helps to View Total BPL Account

5. All In One Tool  Installer  (16/10/2012 Size: 13 MB)  :

after downloading installer please do replace with the latest patch patch given below
if any errors please register below given dll/ocx file

    Patch (Dated 30/10/2012  Size: 13 MB) :    (copy to desktop)

Note: above patch is applicable to SO/HO/Divisional office. (Requires any SQL Server and TDS Database)

This Tool ( Patch ) Includes Following Options :

1) Patch for Uploading Bulk UID Delivery Status (Delivery On Sunday Fixed,              0 KB Message File Creation Fixed )
2) eMO Search using Treasury Code
3) eMO Paid Returns Package For H.O.
4) BO eMO Consolidation
5) BO eMO Search
6) Fix RPC Error For Point of Sale
7) View And Print RD Live Accounts Closing Balance BO-Wise
8) Print Custom VP Intimation
9) Print/Export Interest Details only for NREGS Accounts @ SOSB
10) View/Export NREGS Statistics (Deposits/Withdrawal between a given Date) @ SOSB
11) View Bulk Booked eMO (SSY/PHP/OAP) and Counter Transactions Separately
12) View/Print/Export consolidated Minus balance/objections report at SBCO
13) Tally No. of SB/BPL/NREGS Live Accounts @ SO/SOSB/SBCO
14) IPO-Returns Package for Head office ( Query will be sent upon request)
15) eMO/MO Paid Consolidation BO-wise/Denomination-wise with total Amount PAID and Total No. of vouchers
16) RD Transactions BO-Wise Statistics
17) SB Transactions BO-Wise Statistics
18) List of Parcel Des patched at Postman Module
19) Computer Hardware Stock Register For Divisional Office/Sub Office/Head Office (Note All Offices and Hardware should be initialized for later Diversions.)
20) Agent TDS Dataentry & Returns for Head Office and Suboffice (for tables use DB operation at Main menu)
21) Fix "Microsoft Distributed Transaction Co-Ordinator Service Not Running"
22) Printing Intimation for VPL and Automatic Splitting VPAmount into Amount and Commission for Both Parcel and VPL
23) Updated Agent TDS Bugs
24) Condemnation Option for Computer Stocks
25) Enter PNR Number and Get Treasury Code
New options
26) VP Intimation printing for BO also( Splitting VP amount into value and commission, i have used my own Algorithm. please cross check once)
27)View Speed Pending at BO more than specified days
28) View Upcoming eMo pending @ your office (Note: any eMO's not listed in this tool means u have used your brain in eMO package)
29) Bugs in TDS dataentry fixed (New patch shows no. Vouchers)
30) PLI/RPLI Revival for monthly policy is coming soon with report support

Note: This is the installer, A patch will be uploaded separately as soon as new stuff is include.most of my "*.exe"  files works with "FM20.DLL , ccrpDtp6.ocx , ccrpUCW6.dll and MS Excel-2003" Please find above mentioned files and additional sofware and register the dll files Stay in Touch

Support Files :
1. ccrpDtp6.ocx   :
2. ccrpUCW6.dll  :
3. FM20.DLL      :
4.Progressbar-xp.ocx :

For Assistance:
Please Call    :     9480835426  ( BSNL CUG SIM)

For Any Errors/Bugs/Improvements
Please e-Mail me :                     

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